Lighting including repairs or replacement to fixtures, changes for energy efficiency, usage, location changes, design changes and bulb replacement programs.  Most lighting issues arise from overloading a circuit, wiring connection or improper bulb change outs leaving a gap that allows the electric to arc at the bottom of a socket.  A good Maintenance or bulb replacement program will maximize the life and use of your lighting fixtures. 

We do change outs and set up for new appliances from changing the plugs. to installing the water, waste, vent, electric and venting for microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, ice makers, refrigerators, exhaust fans and stoves.   We can help with your occupancy list, code compliance or upgrades to fit your needs.  We can even help you get rid of the old appliances if you need assistance.   


Upgrades including replacement of services, separation of circuits for control or convenience with the addition of new circuits, wiring, switches, outlets, upgrade panels and add network wiring for communication to add value and usability to your home or office.

The average structure built prior to 1995 does not have enough breakers, circuits or proper wiring for the current level of technology found in most homes and offices.

There are a lot of things you as a homeowner might consider doing yourself, but electrical repair may not be the best repair to learn from a book as you try and correct issues in your home or office. When it comes to electric repairs you want a Professional working for you assuring the safety of you, your family and your home with each completed repair.   From basic repairs to complete re-wires including diagnostics, code compliance and user upgrades with energy efficiency, cables, medias and surveilliance, we have the solutions for your electric project needs.

Code Compliance including replacement and/or repairs to existing wiring, accessories, detectors and components to meet current NEC requirements for Occupancy Permits, Insurance or Safety Audits to keep your home or office safe and in compliance for proper occupancy.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), "During a typical year, home electrical problems account for 26,100 fires and $1 billion in property losses. About half of all residential electrical fires involve electrical wiring."

​​Quick Fix Electric Repairs & Upgrades

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Electric repairs including evaluation, diagnostic, trouble shooting of circuits, sparking, no power, breakers, panels, outlets, switches, lights, fans, hoods, pumps, heaters and most power hook ups to appliances and accessories in your residence.

65% of electric repairs come from aged contacts, components and normal wear that can be addressed and minimized with Periodic Maintenance or our Energy 6 program.  Save time and money with an active "Preventive Maintenance" program in lieu of costly outages from repairs that cause loss of power or services.