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Display Marketing - allows your business to take advantage of the Internet by putting you in front of clients looking for or researching service solutions through ads that display on search engines, directories, social media sites or other medias clients may be using to research the best solution.  You have the ability to select client types, client locations, keywords or phrases and budgets for this type of marketing at a cost 1 cent per display.   As an example, if you provide exterior or auto services and there is a hail storm in one area of the market, you can tailor the service and location for your ad to display only in that area allowing you to focus your marketing investment.

Coupon Cards - is a printed card of service partner coupons left behind at each service visit providing an average of 100 coupons per week in the hands of a target client for the cost of $14 per week including printing and delivery based on a 1/6 page ad size for each provider.  

Piggy Back Marketing - we own industry specific domain names for popular home repair services that are set up as landing pages marketed through display and social media platforms that allow a client to search for a specific service that matches them to the service partners web site based on location putting you directly in front of a client with a need or a planned service.  If you don't have a web site or your site is not user friendly for all devices we can set up your own landing page with your offer with costs starting at $19 per month and go up based on needs and budgets.

Service Partners

Service Leads Now for Service Partners

A key to Quick Fix's success has been the ability to stay in touch with our clients and prospects to generate the next opportunity.  38% of our weekly client requests are existing clients coming back for another service, questions on a service need or a referral for a reliable service provider to address an issue that Quick Fix Now does not handle.  We provide on average 18 to 20 referrals a month to non-competing service providers that we have worked with or vetted to make sure the client has a solution to their issue not a bigger problem from a bad service experience. 

As a repair, remodeling and renovation specialists we visit an average of a 100 homes and businesses per week to complete services, provide estimates or review project needs.  On each of these visits we provide a "leave behind" of current and/or seasonal coupons along with other services that we provide to generate the next opportunity with this client.  We have found by adding other services or specialties a client is likely to use or needs adds value to the coupon card increasing the odds the client will keep and use the card more frequently over a short period of time.  Most service providers are looking for the same client types that Quick Fix is marketing too and visiting on a weekly basis.

It is our intent to create a network of locally owner and operated service providers that we can share clients and marketing costs without sharing client information to improve the exposure and value of the network for each participating service partner.  Each of the programs will be a minimum of a 3-month commitment with monthly EFT to keep the cost within your cash flow to pay for the marketing to make it more user friendly.  Each service partner can select the program they wish to participate in with the ability to change coupons or offers monthly.  This will be an exclusive offer for each category to eliminate competition for client attention for any one type of service or provider.  Each participating service provider will be a legitimate full time business with a positive history of integrity and client interaction.  All applications are subject to openings in the network.

Door to Door Marketing - we create, print and deliver 500 door hangers specific to your company's offer over a 4 week period of time in neighborhoods you select to get your message in front of your best prospects in a timely manner on a fixed budget of $495

Email Marketing - we take your client provided email addresses and create a marketable database that allows for periodic contact or we help you to create an email list that you own and control to keep in touch with your clients or we can add you to existing lists for shared marketing opportunities.  Costs are relative to what you have in place and what needs to be set up to maintain usability.