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MSP Terms & Conditions.  Our One-year Fixed Right Guarantee provides labor and materials for warranty repairs and only applies to repair projects where My Service Pros, Inc has provided the materials and labor to complete the repairs as proposed with a 90-day Labor only warranty for proper installations where client provided products with all products warranty subject to the supplier and/or manufacture where purchased with no MSP labor included for warranty repairs if required

MSP stands behind all materials and labor on all completed repairs and installations for one-year from date work is completed on projects where MSP provided the materials and products.  MSP provides a 90-day labor only warranty on repairs and one-year labor only warranty on installations where products and/or materials were provided for MSP to install.  All material or product warranties is as expressed by the supplier or manufacture where purchased.  MSP provides no warranty labor to remove defective parts or install replacement parts on client provided products or materials.

All services are provided per My Service Pros, Inc. (MSP) "terms and conditions" as expressed on this web site, both sides of the signed work orders or as required for specific and/or special project requirements and are subject to change without notice.   All work is completed by MSP and/or service partners with all offers of work based on completion in MSP's standard work area with MSP reserving the right to accept or reject any request for service as determined in the best interest of the company and clients.

By the Job:
MSP will provide pricing based on a specific scope of work to be completed by MSP for the clients approval before the work begins.  This is a "firm dollar" price for the proposed project and is collected at time of service in full at the completion of the work or as work progresses less any applied down payments regardless of the time required to actually do the work.  If the agreed too scope of work requires more time than allowed for in the MSP proposal, there is no additional charge to the client for the additional time.  If the project takes less time than estimated, there is no credit to the client for this savings in time.   Additional work uncovered or encountered during completion of the approved scope of work will be reviewed with the client for approval prior to completion.  Remodeling and renovation projects that go beyond seven calendar days or that require large material purchases may require a down payment and/or weekly progress payments through the term of the project.  *MSP reserves the right to offer "by the hour" solutions to small projects of 4 hours or less.

By the Hour:
On smaller or multiple task projects, by the hour offers the best value to the client allowing for multiple tasks to be completed in a timely manner by the craftsman.   The minimum charge for this type of work is one (1) hour beginning when the craftsman arrives on site through the time required to complete the tasks requested by the client with materials on site.  The hourly rate is based on the type of services being completed and the skill level required to complete the projects.  An hourly rate is identified prior to the work beginning for the clients approval.

Payment Options:
All work is completed with payment due in full at time of service by cash, check, Discover, Master Card or Visa unless other arrangements have been made in advance of the scheduled work.  Payment is not considered complete until funds have been transferred to our bank account.  There is a return check charge of $30.00 plus bank fees.  Finance and collection fees will be added to any open balances beyond ten calendar days from date of payment due to a returned check or declined credit card.

Coupons (must be presented and validated at time of arrival):
All advertised labor discounts are based on the standard rates or standard pricing for the specific class of service to be completed varying from $60.00 to $96.00 per hour for owner occupied residences ONLY and does not apply to rental or commercial projects or lower basic tasks with remodeling or renovation projects or already discounted rates below the standard rate.   Specialty Handyman coupons for more that an hour are to be applied to basic repairs only and do not apply to specialize repairs such as Plumbing, Electric, HVAC or Squeak Repairs due to the specialized tools, training and experience required to complete.  Any coupons must be presented at arrival to the job site prior to project review and pricing of the proposed work.  Coupons can not be applied to previously completed projects.  Coupons can not be combined or applied to task or services they were not designed for. 

Unknown Conditions:
Occasionally in the course of completing a project, unknown conditions will be encountered when a surface is opened up or removed.  On these occasions when unknown conditions are encountered, work will be stopped to address options and solutions with the client prior to completing additional work outside the scope of the originally proposed work.  All work must be approved by the client prior to completion.

Material Pick Up:
Regardless of work completed by the hour or by the job, MSP can pick up materials required for the proposed work for the client.  The time for picking up materials is charged as a basic task saving the client time and money over what a supplier may charge for delivery of their purchase.  Pick up is reviewed on an item by item basis with the client.

Removal of Debris:
It is our intent to leave a work site neat and clean after completion of the proposed work.  MSP will always review the cost of debris haul-a-way and clean up with the client to allow them the option of including the cost of this work or allowing them to address it by other means as they deem best for their project budget.

Insurance and Inspection Estimates: 
MSP will work diligently to help our clients resolve insurance related repairs by providing estimates with material and labor break downs for the review of an adjuster for settlement.  There will be occasions where additional time may be required to inspect for hidden damage or to review the condition of homes for a list of all required repairs.  MSP reserves the right to charge an inspection fee for these evaluations and estimates.  Any fees will be reviewed prior to arriving on site and will be collected at time of inspection.  Should the proposed work be completed by MSP the inspection fee will be deducted from the completed work. 

My Service Pros, Inc. acknowledges and honors Your Rights as a Consumer per the State of Illinois Renovation & Remodeling Act which is includ as part of our terms and conditions as well as our procedures