Client Testimonials

I hired a contractor in Belleville to repair a leak at the floor around the toilet.  He tore out my toilet, the vinyl floor and the tub to put back a piece of wood no bigger than the base of the toilet.  He showed back up for a few hours here and there but never seemed to get anything done.  After a week with no progress, I called Quick Fix who had looked at the repair for me, but told me the toilet would need to be pulled to identify how far the repair would have to go to resolve the problem.  I should have listened.  I asked Quick Fix to take over the project with me buying the new tub, tile flooring and a toilet.  Within 4 days they had everything back together including my new tile set and grouted, the walls repaired & painted with the tub and toilet in place and even adjusted the door to properly close after 2 years.  It looks great and it was so nice to wake up in this morning without having to worry about another day of repairs...  Sheila in Belleville

"With my busy schedule, I can't stay home waiting for a technician for prolonged periods of time.  I called Quick Fix to repair a Patio screen.  They showed up on time, confirmed pricing for the repair and took the screen with them to fix.  When the screen was ready, I set up a time to have it installed, but was delayed and running behind.  When I got home, Quick Fix had already installed the screen and left a copy of the invoice for me to call in a credit card payment.  Most companies would have just driven off leaving me to set up another appointment.  Quick Fix always seems to be the easiest part of my day to get things done.....
Sally in Belleville

"We've had our house setting idle for 14 months after we we're married as we worked on it nights and weekends trying to get it ready to sell.  We found Quick Fix on the internet and asked them to look at the project.  They came through and did a complete survey of what was needed room by room.  We sat down and settled on a scope of work that allowed us to continue with the smaller tasks while they took on the bigger more involved items.  They patched all the walls and ceilings including prepping for us to paint.  A complete bathroom remodel and new floors in the Kitchen and Utility Room.  It looks great.  We met with our realtor to  list the home and found a buyer...Debbie in Belleville

"I've had a leak issue with my roof for 2 years with several other contractors coming out to fix this and fix that with the leak only getting worse.  Quick Fix came out and located the problem on the first trip and provided pricing before any work was done and finished the repair that day.  NO MORE LEAK!  Thank you Quick Fix...Thomas in Collinsville

"We pulled the carpets back to expose the hardwoods and WOW, we exposed nothing but a mess.  The wood was in such bad shape it could not be repaired.  Quick Fix came out the same day we called and provided pricing and selections for several replacement floor options and styles for us to select.  They came out and installed it the next day.  What a difference the new flooring makes.....Fred in Belleville

"My husband and I are retiring to Florida, we had someone interested in buying our house, but they wanted a lot of little things done before they would complete the purchase.  We had a flyer from Quick Fix when they worked in our neighborhood, they stopped by and reviewed our list of tasks provided pricing for the installation of the items we were buying and committed to a start and finish date.  New counter top in the Kitchen with tile backing installed above.  New light fixtures and paint.  They even repaired 3 cabinets so we wouldn't have to replace them keeping to our budget.  New ceramic tile floors in two bathrooms.  WOW what a difference it made to the house....
Connie in Shiloh

"The tile fell off my walls into the tub, the drain didn't work.  What a mess and it was the only bathroom in my house.  Quick Fix came in and took out all of the old tile.  Installed new tile all around the tub and window.  They fixed the drain and put me back in operation...Corrie in Belleville

"The wind caught our storm door and twisted it around on the hinges.  We went out and bought a new storm door, but the supplier couldn't install it for a couple of weeks.  My friend referred Quick Fix when I told them about having to wait 2 weeks for the door to be installed.  I called Quick Fix up and they were there the next day installing my door.  They even stopped by the supplier and picked the door up for me saving the delivery cost....Janice in Collinsville

"I had lost power to half my house.  I called an electrician from the Yellow Pages to come out check it out.  He quoted me a price of over $3,000 to run new wire and install new breakers, WOW that was a shock.  I saw Quick Fix's truck working down the street and called their office to get another opinion.  The owner answered the phone and listened patiently to my story and asked a few questions.  He identified the mostly likely problems for what was being described and suggested a job site visit to check the problem and confirm solutions with pricing.  They found a bad wire to a box that was replaced and put the lights back on everywhere.  The great thing was, it was exactly what they indicated and cost less than $300 to correct....Joe in Fairview Heights

"I had tape joints beginning to show through our paint on the ceiling of the kitchen.  I called a painting company to come out and fix it, but they didn't do small repairs.  We had several handyman companies that did look at the repair, but they never called back with pricing and wouldn't return my calls.  I found Quick Fix on the internet.  Not only were they interested in the repair, they came out the next day, provided pricing and a plan to do the repair, put the finish back up to match the rest of the ceiling and cleaned up when they were done...Tina in Troy

"We had just sold our house, when the Housing Inspector discovered several issues they wanted corrected before they would give the buyer occupancy.  Quick Fix was recommended to us by our realtor to check out the problems.  They were out the next day to not only look at the problem, but fixed it while on site and reviewed the repair with the Inspector to confirm the Occupancy Inspection was complete.  Everyone was happy...Eric in Belleville

"The handrail was almost rotted off the back porch when I bought this house.  I called several companies to come out and give me an estimate to repair it and they were all to busy or didn't want to mess with a small job.  They weren't interested unless I was replacing the whole porch.  I saw Quick Fix at my neighbors house and they came over to check out the problem, provided my with a price for the repair as well as a couple of options for the style.  My wife loved the idea of picking out what she liked for the new handrail.  They came out on time to do the job exactly as they quoted and cleaned up too...Kathy and Kevin in Collinsville


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Client Testimonials

As a new homeowner, it's incredible the little repair issues that keep popping up.  With Quick Fix, I can call them with my "to do list" to set a time around my schedule use a 2-hour coupon and "poof" the problems are done with a small amount spent and my busy day can continue...

Ruby in Belleville

My new tile back splash looks awesome!!  Thank you

Ashley in Belleville

Thank you for getting the City Occupancy list done in time for the closing.  It all looks great and the buyer is very happy.

Jason in O'Fallon

The replacement door fits and works great!  The only problem with an older home is nothing is standard.  The new tenant can move in on time and schedule.  One less worry...

Ryan in Belleville


Client Testimonials

We called Quick Fix on what I'll call "kitchen remodel light" -- a rather large job, but not a complete kitchen remodel (removing wall paper, an old drop-down ceiling, and the old flooring; repairing and painting walls and ceiling, painting cabinets, installing new lighting and flooring) 

Quick Fix was willing to work with our times needs and provided a detailed schedule from beginning to end with pricing that fit our budget. Everyone from the company was friendly, responsible and easy to work with going above and beyond the call of duty providing advice and suggestions to keep on time and budget answering all questions along with the way to make adjustments based on our needs. The bottom line: Wonderful experience, very reasonably priced, and quality work. We love our new kitchen; thank you!!! We highly recommend this company based on quality, price, and professionalism. We will call them for estimates on other projects in the future... Laura in Belleville

I had a window leak for 2 years in my Dining Room with 2 different contractors, my husband and my father who all looked at the window with this adjusted and that caulked and another leak as soon as a heavy rain came along.  My friend recommended Quick Fix who actually answered the phone to confirm a site visit.  The Carpenter did a leak check at the window with no leak showing up.  He got out a ladder to raise up the water hose so it was hitting above the window with a downward force to simulate a heavy rain, then to the right of the window and then to the left of the window and it immediately started leaking.  He pulled the Aluminum wrap off and we found a seam that was nut cut correctly at the top corner and allowing a heavy rain to leak in.  The carpenter caulked the seam and re-wrapped the window and caulked the wrap and let it set up.  He came back the next day and ran the test again with no leaks showing up.  Now i can get those ugly water stains repaired on the wall of my Dining Room.  Thank you Quick Fix for finding and fixing my leak... Carol in Belleville   

I had ceiling fans and light fixtures installed. The electrician was very professional and neat. A very pleasant person to work with..... Lisa in Belleville

Very prompt, extremely professional and does very good work in a quick and timely manner.  I have used them 3 times and have always been satisfied.  If you need a project done with quickness...this is the place!!!  Melvin in Belleville

We are extremely pleased with the new stair rail system recently installed in our home by this company.  They were very professional & their worker did a fantastic job with the installation.  There work was done quickly & beautifully.  We highly recommend them..... Jeanne in Swansea

My husband and I bought 2 new Interior doors we planned to install to get our home ready to go on the market.  Our work schedules got too crazy for us to do.  I found Quick Fix as a recommended contractor on the Lowe's web site.  They actually answered the phone, went over budgets for a standard installation and set a date to complete.  They were out the next morning to install and paint both doors.  They even cleaned up the work area and carried the debris out to our disposal pile.  "The doors look amazing!" ....  Sara in Belleville 

We noticed water stains at the  ceiling in our Basement bath.  I called my neighbor who says he's a handy guy to check where the water's coming from.  He caulked around the tub in the first floor bath telling me that was the problem.  Two days later, the ceiling is hanging down in the Basement bath.  I called the handy guy to come back to fix the leak right, but he is suddenly to busy for my problem.  A friend gave me Quick Fix's number to call and they came out the next day and gave me a price to take the ceiling down and locate the leak.  They found the toilet in the first floor bath was leaking at the flange down through the ceiling.  Quick Fix replaced the flange and reset the toilet.  They cleaned up the ceiling debris from the Basement bath to make sure the leak issues have been resolved and gave me a price to install a new ceiling.  Thank you Quick Fix for being a Handy Professional not just another handy guy...  Mary in Belleville 

We had water leaking into our crawlspace every time we used the garden hose.  We called a Plumber to check the leak who told us we needed to replace the water line from the water heater to the hydrant to correct the problem.  It was a lot of money for a leak that only showed up when we used the garden hose.  We saw Quick Fix working at our neighbors house and asked them to check out the leak.  They found the hydrant had frozen over the winter and split only leaking when the hose was used.  They replaced the hydrant, checked for leaks and put us back in business in less than 2 hours...Carl in Belleville

We bought new crown molding for our Dining Room.  My husband was confident we could cut and install the trim ourselves after we removed the wall paper border that would show below the trim.  We steamed, we cleaned, we sprayed, we scraped and we even prayed, but we could not get all of the paper off the wall.  I saw Quick Fix at a neighbors house and asked them to see what could be done to save my walls.  He sprayed the walls and let it set while he finished up at the neighbors.  He came back when he was finished and within 45 minutes he had all of the paper debris off the wall.  He showed me how to repair the wall for my husband to prepare for the trim.  I showed him where the trim was and asked him to finish up the project.  NOT a problem.  He repaired the wall and blended the paint in below the trim and came back the next day after the paint dried to install the trim.  It looks great and so easy when a professional did it.  Thank you Quick Fix for finishing up the project... Karen in Belleville   

"I thought I could fix the leak under the Kitchen Sink myself.  It was a tight fit with the leak at the supply valve and no matter what I picked up and how much I worked with it, I could not get it to stop weeping.  I called around to find some help, but no one was answering their phone.  My neighbor told me about Quick Fix.  I called them and they were going to be right down the street after lunch and could stop by and help me out.  They called before arriving and checked out the problem.  They found a hair line crack in the new supply tube I had just bought.  They cut the part down and reset it to repair the problem.  They even had a coupon to make it an easy fit for my budget.  Thank you Quick Fix for bailing me out in more ways than one.Herb in Swansea

"I had hired a friend of a friend who was supposed to be a handyman to refinish my hardwood floors.  He moved all of my furniture to my front porch and yard so he could do the work.  He evidently did not know how to use the sander, because he started grooving my floors as soon as he started.  When I stopped him to ask him how he was going to fix this problem, he got mad and stormed off leaving me with a mess and my furniture in the yard.  I called a half a dozen contractors only to get voice messages and NO call backs.  With rain forecast and it almost dark, I called Quick Fix from the yellow pages desperate to find help.  NOT ONLY did they answer the phone, they knew a company that specialized in moving and set up of rooms.  They called them and had them on site to clean up the dust, debris and moved my furniture back into place before it rained.  Even though Quick Fix did not get paid a dime to help me resolve my problem, they cared enough to call me before they wrapped up for the day to make sure everything was put back in place.  Thank you Quick Fix for caring and helping.... Jackie in Belleville